Thursday, 14 January 2016

Disposable London

I have moved back to London as an unemployed humanities graduate. Hooray! We love Camberwell as much as we loved Shoreditch, though, so it's all good.

Over three years, I have accumulated numerous disposable photos of places in London which are special to me. I like disposable cameras because you have to compose really carefully knowing full well the result will be quite crap / accidental. These images rarely contain people. I don't know why. But here are a few favourites, in vaguely chronological order.

Victoria Embankment Autumn 2012

Westminster Winter 2013

 Columbia Road Spring 2014

The City Summer 2014

Southwark Summer 2014

Near Borough Market Summer 2014

Columbia Road Winter 2014

Arnold Circus, Shoreditch Winter 2015

Canal near St Pancras Summer 2015

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Comic: 21 things to do with hommous...

My ginger buddy Connor turned 21. He likes hommous, and I made a comic to celebrate this fact. Numbers 6-10 are unfortunately in very poor taste (so really shouldn't be shared) and number 11 is bizarre for which I can only apologise. Also, I did not have an appropriate pen for the colour of hommous, so sorry it is generic beige/light brown. 

Monday, 15 December 2014

Inky Mobile for Baby Kit

Hello all! So my auntie had a wee babby in November, called Kit. As I had made his brother Jakey an arty present for his (literal) birthday this time three years ago, I decided to do the same for the adorable Kit, who I got to visit last week. It's also for his mum, really - I tailored it to her taste/colours. She has been busy making his nursery super nice, and the mobile actually works really well in it (will try and get a piccy at some point).


p.p.s. I really like blowing ink all over paper, it's very therapeutic - I've attached some 'cool' scanning experiments...

Sunday, 30 November 2014

Late Night Adventure-Time Related Post

Sooooo this is a touch late - but do you remember last September I created a tea party scene for my friend Viv? Well, over the course of the year we got addicted to Adventure Time ( a BIG way).

Anyway, I made her a bday card in late September which I forgot to blog, with the lumpy space princess (my spirit animal) which is super childish and not great but I love it and I love stickers and I love glittery tape. 

Yes we're 21 and addicted to cartoons. Deal with it ha!

Friday, 21 November 2014

Is it really too early to don the Christmas pyjamas?

Dear all...*this is not an art related post* but I promise you that art will come soon. It's just that most of the stuff I've created of late has been intended as gifts, and therefore it would be a bit crap of me to upload photos of stuff for people which they have not yet received. 

Also, I have an essay to do. And I'm not doing it. No siree. I'm suddenly all in a Christmas flurry of joy, despite it being over a month away, and despite having a scrooge for a flatmate. I can't wait to go home and see my Kent crew. It's freezing outside, but I have my pyjamas and my jumper and I'd rather be here like this than out. 

Cool Friday night Anna. 

Monday, 3 November 2014

Somerset House Funny Face Family workshop!

This weekend I met up with some of my young German/Australian cousins - we attended a family workshop at Somerset House and had soooooo much fun colouring/regressing/creating. The children's author Jacky Bahbout has just released a new illustrated book called 'Funny Face' so we just drew a lot of funny faces and I am seriously considering treating myself to the book (but first I must complete my colour-me-good Benedict Cumberbatch book). 

A very happy Saturday well spent I think :)

My on-the-spot Magritte knowledge failed me a bit, but the reference is there. Also, this guy looks very much like my own Grandad, Frank. But Frank doesn't have a moustache. He doesn't trust men with moustaches. Or beards. Or only children.

This one was meant to be a self-portrait...(disclaimer: I don't actually look like this)

Mini faces! Note (not so) subtle Rocky Horror reference. And Los Campesinos! lyrics.

Saturday, 1 November 2014

Summer in Sandwich

So after some chill time in London I returned home to spend time with the fam, and our new cat, Mikey the cowcat. It was fathers' day, and also my dad was actually very ill (he's recovered so well now! Back on the bike, literally). It was a very nice summer indeed.

I went on a beautiful walk with dad one night. Sandwich was very pastel, like so;