Monday, 3 November 2014

Somerset House Funny Face Family workshop!

This weekend I met up with some of my young German/Australian cousins - we attended a family workshop at Somerset House and had soooooo much fun colouring/regressing/creating. The children's author Jacky Bahbout has just released a new illustrated book called 'Funny Face' so we just drew a lot of funny faces and I am seriously considering treating myself to the book (but first I must complete my colour-me-good Benedict Cumberbatch book). 

A very happy Saturday well spent I think :)

My on-the-spot Magritte knowledge failed me a bit, but the reference is there. Also, this guy looks very much like my own Grandad, Frank. But Frank doesn't have a moustache. He doesn't trust men with moustaches. Or beards. Or only children.

This one was meant to be a self-portrait...(disclaimer: I don't actually look like this)

Mini faces! Note (not so) subtle Rocky Horror reference. And Los Campesinos! lyrics.