Thursday, 25 April 2013

Book Monoprints

I worked on a triptych of illustrations set against book pages which hopefully demonstrate my progressive expreimentation with monoprinting (another media of which I am very fond, despite its messiness and hit-and-miss nature).
First we start with a simple monoprint: its subject is loosely little red riding hood (note the tree motif...overused in my work? probably ha). Secondly we see a naval illustration monoprint partly adapted with the addition of watercolour paint to contrast the sea from the page.
The final print is a full combination of both monoprint and watercolour. I actually created it for the birth of my baby cousin, Jake, (see attached to the right his plain painted print - ignore my garish bed covers in the background...apologies) but in the context of the triptych I wanted it to be fancifully linked to 80 Days Around The World.