Thursday, 25 April 2013

Photo emulsions

Something a tad different...

These are experiments I did with photo emulsion: a media that I adore because of its spontenaity and individual aesthetic 
(you simply print off a picture, cover a piece of card or paper with white emulsion paint, place the picture face down on the wet paint, stroke firmly for a few minutes, and then peel the top layer away leaving a partial, enigmatic image)
Now I have done many a photo emulsion in my time, but these are the largest ones I have attempted (A4). They are the same photo emulsioned image of trees, but I edited them in different ways. The first one is washed with pepermint and english breakfast teas, to capture the autumnal contrast of the leaves, while the trunks are outlined in fineliner. The second is just sketched over - I decided to use it as a ghostly setting for a 1950s Madmen-esque scene.
Give it a go guys!