Saturday, 1 November 2014

Summer in Shoreditch

I know this is very late, but we had our flat over Summer, and it was a slice of heaven to hang around in the city for a bit, doing very little and enjoying time with my flatmates and my friends. I've got really into disposable cameras again (at some point I'll do a blog post with my favourite London/English/Amsterdam photos I've taken over the last 2/3 years). The following three pieces I feel communicate that late-June feeling of relaxation and pastel calm I felt :)

This spread is a little random, but a very happy picture! Figures inspired by the gorgeous work of Laura Berger (one of my heroes, please check her out!) stand opposite a gloriously sunny photo and pencil image of the street I live on in Shoreditch. Long live Arnold Circus!

What my mother always said to me when I felt down as a little girl, and continues to do so. It's now my mantra. Life is transient - we should just try to enjoy ourselves when things are actually good.

Finally here's a very quick stylised sketch I did of my flatmates who are (and always will be) some of my best friends, and my London family. N.B. Since this point Helen's hair has been blue, green, blue & green, purple and now pink - how Shoreditch.